Thirtylicious mit DJ Pat Nightingale | Salzhaus Winterthur (ZH) > Freitag 25.08.2017

Nickname: DJ Pat Nightingale (DJ Confuzius till 1999)

It all started in 1994 with Trance. I first learned the mixing at home and continued with some friends in a rented room.

My first booking was at a community center, by that time I was known as DJ Confuzius. 1995/96 my music styles were Hard-/Happycore, Acid, Progressive, Acid-House, and at the end of 1996 I started with House. I had several bookings at birthday parties, pool parties and others, 1996/97 I had some big bookings like the Ugly Club in Richterswil or the Magic Factory in Schlieren.

In 1997 I decided to change my name. Inspired by my mother I found it: Pat Nightingale. This name describes exactly what I do: the nightingale sings only at night and has a repertoire of about 360 different songs… So this suits me perfectly, doesn’t it?! And Pat is from my Christian name Patric.

The first performance with my new name was in 1997 through De la Bassa in Wetzikon. Now I had two names, but DJ Confuzius slowly had to vanish. I signed my flyers “Pat Nightingale alias DJ Confuzius”, and the propaganda by word of mouth did the rest.

In the meantime I had several national and international bookings….

In November 2009 I decided to reorient my DJ-career, so I bought the Rane Serato SL3 and a Mac Laptop. My musicstyle is: House, Deep House, Indie Dance, Nu Disco, Tech-House, Minimal, Electro Swing, Dance und EDM.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to know more.